Our team is fully devoted to the optimal and personal preparation of your rallycar. We can take care of the entire development of your car, thanks to the professionalism, passion, the experience and the know-how of our technical staff. With more than 15 years of experience, we have build up an outstanding reputation when it comes to high-level preparation and seriousness.


We put at your disposal the most competitive rally cars. Our cars are fully prepared by us and maintained in our workshops, for all tests, as well for tarmac as for gravel.


Our people form a team that functions perfectly relying on many years of on event experience. Together they are able to perform at the highest level, despite stress and pressure imposed on them by timing and circumstances. On the service areas, our team is able to service and conform rally cars to any road conditions and even perform any major repair if necessary. Set-up of the cars can by adjusted, if the driver or the BMA-engineer feel the need..

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